GUE Seattle

a non-profit affiliate of Global Underwater Explorers

GUE Seattle's Vision

Through community outreach programs and dedicated GUE based diver education, we will develop some of the world’s best divers, who can push the envelope in the exploration of historically and ecologically significant submerged resources in local WA State waters. Our exploration projects will have the goal of gathering consistent observational data and documenting the degradation or appreciation of our submerged resources over time. Through data analysis, we aim to drive policy changing efforts to conserve, protect and create public awareness for our local waters.

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Our various projects have the goal of gathering consistent observational data and documenting the degradation or appreciation of our submerged resources over time. Through data analysis, we aim to drive policy-changing efforts to conserve, protect and create public awareness for our local waters.


GUE Seattle has partnered with Coastal Sensing to conduct incredibly detailed surveys of Lake Washington, in an effort to locate more of our regional history. This effort will lead to exploratory dives, and perhaps to published findings on new local wrecks and the history of our region.


Lake Washington is rich in history. The cold water preserves wrecks, but also makes them inaccessible to most. Typically, experts in archaeology and history are not technical divers, so the underwater artifacts are out of their reach. Photogrammetry allows us to make 3D models of these wrecks, bringing history to the surface and making the past more real for everyone.

Project Baseline

The goal is to document the state of the environment, from visibility to sea life, over time. In much of the rest of the world, single photographs convey status effectively. Here in the Pacific Northwest, visibility is normally poor, so single photographs convey little information about the state of the world. Teams are pursuing the use of photogrammetry and synthesized photo techniques to conduct meaningfully large surveys of sites to contribute to GUE’s global Project Baseline effort.

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Meet the 2021 board

Meet the GUE Seattle board members and advisors!
Each of these divers bring a unique skill set from their respective professional “surface careers” to the GUE Seattle organization. Collectively they form the board of GUE Seattle.
As a team, they all ultimately share the same vision and passion: The Research, Exploration and Conservation of our local Pacific Northwest waters.

Bert Brezicha


I started diving in 1991 as a PADI open water diver and would dive a couple of times a year in the Puget Sound and while on tropical vacations. In 2009 my daughter started diving class. At the time she was too young to drive so I had to attend the class also. Watching the excitement of the students learning to dive reinvigorated me to start diving more. I signed up for advanced open water diver and continued up through assistant instructor.

Deana Fraser


Deana started diving 2004 in Lake Havasu Az., during a 10-week nursing contract. While she was exploring the yellow pages of the phonebook for things to do, she found a technical dive shop. After her open water class, she went on a live aboard diving vacation out of California and was hooked for life.

Melanie Crump

General Board Member

Melanie’s first obsession with diving was in 2006 when she was certified in Oregon. Due to a lack of places to dive, a community to belong to, and insecurities with improper training left Melanie taking a break from diving. Melanie has dove in Nassau, Bahamas, and the Cayman islands. She is also highly anticipating a trip to the Red Sea, post covid.

James Fraser

General Board Member

James fell in love with diving at a young age up in British Columbia, Canada, and truly enjoys diving here in our beautiful Pacific Northwest waters. James has been diving in the PNW for almost 30 years and has traveled to amazing places like the Red Sea and the Maldives.

Daniel McMath

General Board Member

Dan grew up in the mountains of North Idaho, reading Jacques Cousteau and dreaming of sea life and fantastic wrecks. He learned how to snorkel in the lakes and rivers of Idaho and vacationed on the coast in the summers. Getting up before dawn to catch the low tide to hunt for interesting critters in the tide pools was a highlight.

Advisors to the Board

Alex Adolfi

General Board Member

Alex's first experience with diving was in the swimming pool at Underwater Sports at the ripe old age of 10. His father had purchased some new dive equipment from the store and was going to try it out in the pool. Alex was invited to come along and after just a few breaths on his dad's alternate regulator, knew this was something he would do someday. That someday finally came 13 years later in 2004, and ironically in the same pool, when Alex took his open water class soon after finishing college. At the completion of the class his instructor told him, “You’re going to be a dive instructor someday." And so, the journey began...


General Board Member

After being certified in 2009, Kees decided to seek out more experienced divers in the area. Kees did some research and was attracted to the standardization and skill offered by GUE. He was particularly attracted to the idea that a diver can “Begin with the End in Mind,” and develop skills early on that are useful at every level of diving.


We welcome new members to GUE Seattle, and we sincerely hope that you will consider joining us for some fun diving, fellowship, awesome project work, and exploration here in the greater Seattle area. As an official GUE affiliate, all members of GUE Seattle need to be current GUE members. While GUE training is required for exploration and project work dives, it is not required that you have GUE training to become a member of our affiliate organization.

Per IRS Publication 526, your membership dues for GUE Seattle are 100% tax deductible, as we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Annual Membership

$30/per year

  • In addition to being in good standing with GUE, we ask that all members contribute annual dues of $30, the first installment of which is payable at time of membership application. Full membership privileges include:
  • Participating in group events and activities
  • Participating in diving or in-water activities at the level of certification as established by GUE
  • GUE Seattle logowear (varies by year)
  • Voting privileges within the organization

Honorary Membership


  • GUE instructors who are situated outside of the general Pacific Northwest Region may be granted honorary membership at the discretion of the board. Honorary membership allows instructors access to online resources, and should the instructor be able to participate in a project, they may do so in accordance with their GUE certification level. Instructors receiving honorary membership will not have voting privileges within the organization.
  • To be considered for honorary membership, please email

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